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Find Cheap Glasses Online Wisconsin Rapids WI 54494

Ordering Online Prescription Eyeglasses Wisconsin Rapids Wisconsin

Cheap Floral EyeglassesIf you have purchased prescription eyeglasses in Wisconsin Rapids WI, then you are well aware of what a couple of glass lenses and a frame can cost, especially if you are wearing a pair of designer eyeglasses. Add to it the inconvenience and added expense of having to make an appointment with your Optometrist or Ophthalmologist, and it soon becomes an expensive proposition.  You may even have to wait for an appointment to open up sometime in the future.  But what if you could buy eyeglasses online instead?  And what if you could skip the office visit and purchase online right now from an eyewear vendor that could offer you a substantial discount compared to your Optometrist?  Does it sound too good to be true?  Well let’s take a look at how you can buy your next set of eyeglass frames and lenses online at a fraction of the cost you have been used to paying.

Purchasing Glasses Requires a Prescription

young woman in Wisconsin Rapids WI wearing round glassesTo purchase prescription eyeglasses or prescription sunglasses, you must obviously have, you guessed it, your prescription.  What many people do not realize is that your Wisconsin Rapids WI Optometrist must provide a copy of your lens prescription upon request.  In fact, it is a violation of Federal law for your doctor not to give it to you if you ask for it.  Unfortunately, most Optometrists will guide you right into their room where they have eyeglass frames displayed immediately after your eye exam.  They do not volunteer that you are not required to purchase Rx eyeglasses from an Optometrist at full retail prices.  Some of the types of eyewear that you can purchase online at a discount are:

  • Prescription Glasses
  • Prescription Sunglasses
  • Reading Glasses
  • Prescription Safety Glasses
  • Designer Eyeglasses
  • Bifocals
  • Rimless Eyeglasses
  • And Kids Glasses

Many eyeglass websites will not require that you actually upload your scanned prescription or fax it to them.  What is important is that you provide the correct numbers and the type of lenses, i.e. single-vision or multi-focal.  If your Optometrist provides them in a handwritten format that is not easy to read, make sure that you confirm them for accuracy or ask for a typed version.

Provide Pupillary Distance for Online Glasses

Wisconsin Rapids WI woman wearing cateye glassesAn important part of your eyeglass prescription is your Pupillary Distance (PD), which is the measurement between your two pupils.  Having an accurate measurement is important because it ensures that your corrective lenses are placed directly over your pupils.  And the more powerful your prescription lenses are, the more important that they be properly centered.  Some Optometrists will forget to include your PD when you request your prescription, so be sure to ask him or her specifically to include it. There are self-measuring methods that you can use in a pinch, but having your doctor measure is the best method.  But be prepared when asking for your prescription and PD to receive a lecture about the risks of buying glasses online.  It may also provide an opportunity to discuss with your doctor if there is any reason why you should not buy glasses online due to the nature of your prescription or fitting requirements.

Order the Right Glasses and Frames

There are some additional things that you should keep in mind when ordering your glasses or sunglasses online to ensure that you are happy with your purchase.

  • Order the right frame size. Wearing glasses that don’t fit properly is both uncomfortable and unattractive.  Frames have three size components: eye size, bridge size and temple size.  Check to see what size your current frames are, or use the size guide that most websites provide.
  • Order glasses that complement your face. The right glasses can add to your appearance and the wrong ones can detract from it. Pick glasses that “fit” your face structure and are flattering.  Many websites have guidelines that will assist you in picking the right frames.
  • Order frames that fit your personality. Color, shape, and materials all add to eyewear style.  Be sure to pick frames that not only fit your personality, but also your wardrobes.  Don’t forget, you will most likely not only be wearing your glasses for casual events, but also for more formal ones as well as at work.
  • Order the right lens material and coatings. There are three basic types of eye lens material: plastic, polycarbonate and high index 1.67.   Each is appropriate for specific uses, such as polycarbonate for athletes, and high index 1.67 for high prescriptions. There are also a variety of coatings that you can have applied to your lenses, such as a UV coating to protect your eyes from the sun.

Some Fun Facts About Wisconsin Rapids Wisconsin

If you are living in the Wisconsin Rapids WI area, following is some interesting background history and other facts that may find interesting as well as useful as you search for your new eyewear.

Wausau, Wisconsin

As of the 2010 census, Wausau had a population of 39,106.[4] It is the core city of the Wausau Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA), which includes all of Marathon County and had a population of 134,063 at the 2010 census.

This area was occupied for thousands of years by succeeding cultures of indigenous peoples. The historic Ojibwe (also known in the United States as the Chippewa) occupied it in the period of European encounter. They had a lucrative fur trade for decades with French colonists and French Canadians. After the French and Indian War this trade was dominated by British-American trappers from the eastern seaboard.

The Wisconsin River first drew European-American settlers to the area during the mid-19th century as they migrated west into the Great Lakes region following construction of the Erie Canal in New York State. This provided a route for products from the region to the large New York and other eastern markets. The area had been called "Big Bull Flats" or "Big Bull Falls" by French explorers, who were the first Europeans here.[5] They named it for the long rapids in the river, which created many bubbles, called bulle in French. By an 1836 treaty with the United States, the Ojibwe ceded much of their lands in the area to federal ownership. It was sold to non-Native peoples. Wausau, from Ojibwe “waasa” means "a faraway place"[5] or "a place from which one can see far away" in the Ojibwe language.[citation needed]

Find Prescription Glasses Online in Wisconsin Rapids WI Now

It’s easy to find prescription glasses and sunglasses online in Wisconsin Rapids WI at a fraction of what you would pay full retail.  Whether you are looking for reading glasses or fashionable designer eyeglasses, you can find the right glasses at the best price.  So what are you waiting for?  Take advantage of the big savings by buying your next pair of eyeglasses online now!

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